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Northrop YF-17 Cobra Flight Test Reports
3 October 1974
31 October 1974
14 November 1974
6 December 1974

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YF-17s leading edge extension (black-painted portion in front of wing) provides a 50% increase in maximum lift, lower drag due to lift, lower supersonic trim drag and reduced buffet intensity.

Summary of flight test data as of 30 October 1974
Total flights: 121 (#001 - 117 flts.; #002 - 42 flts.)
Total flight time: 174 hrs. 37 mins.
Basic combat maneuvering against F-4Es: Completed 25 October
USAF-piloted flights: 81 flts. made by 6 USAF pilots

Aerial firing of M-61 gun conducted 11-18 October. Total of 2,088 rounds of ammunition fired, including bursts at transonic speed with 5-G push- over and supersonic speed with 5-G pullup. No interruption of engine operation during gun firing; minimal site piper motion; moderate vibration.

Stores separation test phase began 16 October with dropping of two MK-84 2,000-lb. bombs from A/C #001. Handling qualities with both bombs (symmetrical) and one bomb (asymmetrical) satisfactory. Landing with two MK-84s suspended from inboard pylons presents no problems.

Basic Combat Maneuvering against USAF F4Es flown by Nellis AFB Fighter Weapons School pilots conducted 21-25 October. Two YF-17 prototypes flew against each other in BCM mission 26 October. On one BCM flight landing gear failed to extend. Landing accomplished without incident through use of back-up emergency gear system.


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