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Northrop YF-17 Cobra Flight Test Reports
3 October 1974
31 October 1974
14 November 1974
6 December 1974

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The two YF-17 prototypes have been paired on several test flights, including air combat maneuvers.

Summary of flight test data as of 6 December 1974
Total flights: 223 (#001 - 158 flights; #002 - 65 flights)
Total flight time: 268 hours 42 minutes
100% structural loads tests: Completed 15 November
Combat maneuvers (BFM and ACM): 27 flights (#001 and #002 combined)
MK-84 stores separation: 8 bombs dropped
AIM-9 missile firing: 7 launches
Aerial gun firing: 8,485 rounds of M-61 ammo fired
USAF-piloted flights: 134 by six USAF pilots

YF-17 200th flight milestone reached 15 November with flight #141 of A/C #001. Second 100 flights, comprising more than 133 flight hours, were completed in 29 scheduled flying days. Confirmation of YF-17 structural integrity at 100% loads (symmetrical and asymmetrical) also completed 15 November.

Longest YF-17 flight to date with aerial refueling: 4 hours 15 minutes. Flight was one of four made 20 November for total of 9 hours 26 minutes.

Northrop test pilot comment: Aerial refueling has allowed us to accomplish more data points in a single flight. A good example was the performance test element which was completed in one and one-half weeks instead of six normally required.


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