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Tupolev 154B from Aeroflot Brochure of 1970s

The designers have done a lot to make the passengers comfortable. The layout of passenger compartments is carefully thought out. The main tourist modification carries 152 passengers. There are two salons for 54 and 98 passengers. Provisions have been made for dividing the front cabin by an easily removable partition into a first class salon for 12 passengers and two tourist class salons for 19 and 98 passengers. It takes little time to rearrange the salons.

The advanced air conditioning system creates a pleasant microclimate in flight. At any altitude and in any season a temperature of 20 degrees Centigrade above zero, moderate humidity and pure air are maintained in the salon. At all altitudes automatic devices guarantee normal pressure in pressurized compartments and rule out unpleasant sensations when the plane descends.

Comfortable seats, uniform soft lighting, well contrived passenger and auxiliary compartments and the low level of noise contribute to the passengers’ pleasant recreation.

The passengers will be offered a wide variety of soft drinks and cold dishes in the best traditions of the Russian cuisine.

You will not get tired of the flight aboard the TU-154B. The crew’s cordiality and hospitality and adequate servicing will make your flight a long remembered pleasure.

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All information on this page is from an Aeroflot Brochure of 1970s regarding Tupolev 154B aircraft. aeroengineer.net only provided the web design for this page.