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Tupolev 154B from Aeroflot Brochure of 1970s

Three powerful turbofan engines developed under the guidance of General Designer N. D. Kuznetsov are marked for high dependability and efficiency.

The noise level in passenger compartments is considerably reduced due to placing engines in the rear fuselage. Special devices have been installed on two side engines to increase the planers braking capacity and reduce its landing run.

An original design of the undercarriage with six-wheeled bogies of the main undercarriage legs and an efficient braking system enables the TU-154B to take off and land on different airfields both in our country and abroad.

Thanks to a high power-to-weight ratio the plane can easily take off from airfields lying high in the mountains and in equatorial latitudes.

The extensive use of up-to-date electronics and automatic devices greatly facilitates the work of a crew. The maintenance of the plane and its systems in the airfield does not call for sizeable expenses. Electric supply for engine starting, illumination, heating appliances, and air conditioning is completely self-contained. Fuelling is centralized. While preparing the plane for the take-off, airfield services conduct all necessary operations quickly and independently of each other.

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All information on this page is from an Aeroflot Brochure of 1970s regarding Tupolev 154B aircraft. aeroengineer.net only provided the web design for this page.