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Tupolev 154B from Aeroflot Brochure of 1970s

The TU-154B is the latest modification of the famous TU-154 airliner. The constantly growing requirements on modern passenger planes have been met by improvements in the design of the aircraft which has, however, retained the best features of its predecessor.

Speed, comfort, high reliability and efficiency in service, and low noise level are the basic features of the new turbojet airliner created in the design office which for many years was headed by General Designer Academician Andrei Tupolev, who was three times awarded the title of Hero of Socialist Labour.

This is a high-speed comfortable plane of a medium flying range. Its cruising speed is 900 to 950 kilometres per hour.

The geography of its service is extensive. Today the TU-154B can be often seen in the largest airports of Europe, Asia and Africa. This turbojet makes scheduled flights on many international and domestic routes at a distance of up to 5,000 kilometres.

The TU-154B is characterized by elegance and streamlined forms which are typical of all Tupolev planes. This is one of the best modern airliners. It is splendidly finished and has a rational layout. The plane is manufactured by advanced technological methods with the use of high-quality materials.

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