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Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) was an aircraft manufacturer from 1926 to 1952. THK designed and manufactured about 18 different types of airplanes and sailplanes. Some of the types were produced under license from French, British, German, and Russian designers.

THK-3 was a sailplane originally designed by Deutsche Forschungs- Anstalt für Segelflug (DFS) of Germany. THK manufactured six of this model by reverse engineering of the original German model (DFS Habicht). The documents presented here are taken from the THK's Sailplane Registry Notebook for the No. 1 aircraft which left the factory on 30 July 1945.

Cover page of the Turkish Aeronautical Association Sailplane Registry Notebook for THK-3 Sailplane No.1.
3-view drawing of the THK-3 sailplane.
General Characteristics of the sailplane from 7th page of the Sailplane Registry Notebook.
    SECTION II    

General Characteristics of the Sailplane

Type: T.H.K.3 Production date:


Production No: 01
Mission: Aerobatics



Branch T-4


1- Span: 13.60 m. 1- Empty: 190 kg. 1- Towed max. speed:  
2- Length: 6.35 m. 2- Flight: 280 kg. 2- Allowed gust:  
3- Height: 2.05 m. 3- Military: 260 kg. 3- Landing speed: 55 km/h
4- Wing area: 15.82 m2 4- Wing loading: 18.35 kg/m2 4- Glide ratio: 21
5-   5-   5- Sink rate: 0.8 m/sec
        6- Max. speed: 420 km/h
Another 3-view drawing of the sailplane from the Sailplane Registry Notebook.