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Model G (1913) - Lockheed's first; original hydroaeroplane carried three passengers at 60 miles an hour.
Vega (1927) - Air pioneers set scores of records, wrote aviation history with this famous monoplane.
Electra Model 10 (1934) - Twin engine dependability, all metal construction advanced air travel.
Electra Jr. Model 12 (1936) - Compact eight place transport was popular with business executives.
Super Electra Model 14 (1937) - In eight years Lockheed built 3000 in variety of commercial, military versions.
Hudson (1938) - First U.S. built planes in World War II served as dive bombers, sub busters.
Lodestar (1939) - Fastest prewar transport (263 miles an hour) became Air Corps/Navy carrier.
P-38 Ligtning (1939) - Served from start to end of World War II; 9924 planes, 18 versions.
Constellation 049 (1945) - Combined new postwar speed marks with pressurized airline luxury.
F-80 Shooting Star (1944) - First production jet fighter in U.S. won first all jet air battle in Korea.
P2V1 Neptune "Truculent Turtle" (1946) - Set nonstop, nonrefueled distance record, 11,236 miles.
R6V Constitution (1946) - Double deck 92 ton cargo giant carried up to 180 persons, crew of 12.
T-33 Jet trainer (1948) - Famed T-bird, two place jet trainer, became flying classroom of jet age.
XF-90 (1949) - Experimental penetration fighter was first Lockheed plane to break sound barrier.
F-94C Starfire (1950) - All rocket armament made mighty weapon of two seat day/night fighter.
Super Constellation 1049C/G/E (1953) - Longer fuselage, new engines increased speed, range, economy.
Warning Star Constellation (1953) - Navy WV-2, Air Force RC-121 for early warning radar patrol.
U-2 (1956) - High altitude patrol, research plane gathers data on atmospheric phenomena.
Starliner 1649 (1956) - Intercontinental Constellation with 150 foot wingspan, 6300 mile range.
Electra (1957) - Propjet does Yeoman's job on short, medium length routes for domestic, foreign airlines.
CL-475 (1959) - World's first practical rigid rotor helicopter; opened way to new breed of aircraft.

All information on this page is from a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation brochure of 1975.