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11, 12. ANTISUBMARINE Patrol Aircraft

Recognized as the leading manufacturer of antisubmarine warfare (ASW) patrol aircraft for more than 3 decades, Lockheed-California Company currently produces the land-based P-3, latest of the Orion series (11), and the new, carrier-based S-3A Viking (12). Both aircraft, regarded by U.S. Navy authorities as the most effective airborne subhunters in operation, feature computer integrated ASW systems. More than 400 P-3s each of which carry a crew of 10, are currently serving with the U.S. Navy and the air forces of Australia, Iran, New Zealand, Norway, and Spain. The compact S-3, sized for operations in the restricted carrier environment, carries a crew of four. Both aircraft carry retractable MAD (magnetic anomaly detection) booms in their tails which are extended to pinpoint the exact location of submerged submarines after they have been detected. The P-3 is powered by four Allison propjet engines that give it a top speed of more then 450 miles per hour. P-3: Span 99 ft. 8 in., length 116 ft. 10 in., service ceiling 30,000 feet. The S-3A, which entered the Fleet in 1974 and became operational aboard carriers in 1975, is powered by two General Electric TF-34-2 high-bypass turbofan engines and is capable of speeds in excess of 500 miles per hour. S-3: Span 68 ft. 8 in., length 53 ft. 4in., service ceiling 35,000 feet. The S-3A's nose, tail, and wing fold for storage on the carrier Lockheed manufacturers the fuselage, assembles the complete aircraft, and integrates systems and other subcontractor components supplied in a teaming arrangement with LTV Aerospace Company and Sperry Rand Corporation.

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All information on this page is from a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation brochure of 1975.