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9, 10. AGENA Space Vehicle

Since the start of the nation's space program. Agenas as satellites and second stage boosters have participated in more than half of all successful American space launch efforts and for more than four and one half years they recorded 100% successful attainment of orbit. Agenas have passed the 300 launch mark from the eastern (Cape Canaveral) and western (Vandenberg AFB) test ranges in both Air Force and National Aeronautics and Space Administration missions, and made the first successful return of an object from orbit. Agenas play key roles in classified military unmanned space launches. They have made major contributions to NASA programs including Mariner, Lunar Orbiter, Nimbus, SERT II, and Gemini. Photo (9) shows a typical Agena launch with the spacecraft mounted atop a giant booster rocket.

Photo (10) of the Agena in space was made during the Gemini VIII program when it was used as a target vehicle for the first successful rendezvous in space between two spacecraft. This provided part of the basic NASA foundation of skills that led to the Apollo program, culminating with man's historic landing on the moon July 20, 1969.

Agena is a three-axis stabilized spacecraft, capable of precise orientation in space, with an extremely sophisticated structure combining great strength with minimum weight. Agenas are tailored to individual missions and thus vary widely in size and weight, but a typical mission would incorporate an empty Agena weighing 1220 pounds, 5 feet in diameter and 20 feet long. This Agena would then be loaded with 13,390 pounds of propellant winch would produce a thrust of 16,100 pounds.

Agenas have established a wide variety of "firsts' because of their dependability and long period of service. The first Agena flew in 1959. It was first through the years to establish a circular orbit, first to establish a polar orbit, first with three-axis stabilization, first to carry a nuclear reactor power supply into space, and so on, leading Agena to be nicknamed 'the workhorse of space."

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All information on this page is from a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation brochure of 1975.