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20, 21, 22. AVIATION Services

Oldest aircraft maintenance, repair, and modification company in the U.S., Lockheed Aircraft Service Company (20) operates bases in the U.S. and overseas, with other skilled personnel on field duty abroad. Headquarters is at Ontario, Calif. Bases include Ontario, Luke Air Force Base, Ariz., Singapore, and the Middle East. LAS also develops and markets flight data recorders, marine anticorrosion systems, aircraft training systems and devices, and JetPlan (21), a computerized flight planning and weather advisory service that gives pilots instant weather data from over 1200 domestic and international weather stations. Lockheed Air Terminal (22) operates the Holywood-Burbank commercial airport, used by more than 1.6 million revenue passengers yearly, provides fueling and services at 21 airports in 10 states, and operates two general aviation facilities in California.


23. AIR TRAFFIC Control Systems

Designed and produced by Lockheed Electronics Company for the Federal Aviation Administration, the ARTS II air traffic control system uses Lockheed's LEC 16 minicomputer to process data from up to 256 aircraft simultaneously and place numbers, letters, and symbols identifying aircraft and their altitudes on air traffic controllers' scopes. The system is smaller, simpler, and less expensive than those employing large computers, reduces the workload of air traffic controllers, and thus increases air space safety.


All information on this page is from a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation brochure of 1975.