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18. TWISTER Off Road Ground Vehicle

Lockheed Missiles & Space Company in 1964 began developing a military vehicle intended to give long needed mobility and agility to the infantry. What followed from the company funded project was a two bodied, double engined, eight wheeled all terrain vehicle named Twister. Since the original Twister test bed was developed, other versions have been produced for various applications. Army vehicles include the XM-808, a fully inclosed armed model, a swimmer version, and a test bed resembling the original Twister. Scout, also developed for the Army, is a six wheeled vehicle designed for reconnaissance work. Newest member of the Twister family is Dragon Wagon (pictured), an eight wheeled cabover truck. It has the same all terrain mobility as other Twisters and military and commercial potential.


19. FIRESTAR Off-Road Fire Fighting System

Lockheed Aircraft Service developed and is producing FireStar, an off-road fire fighting unit that can operate in areas inaccessible to ordinary fire engines. A completely self contained system, the FireStar unit can be installed in less than five minutes on a military cargo truck with no modifications. The 1000 gallon tank is connected to an engine driven pump that can deliver from 70 to 120 gallons per minute. The piping system permits pumping water from the tank to the fire or bypassing the tank and pumping directly from available sources such as streams or lakes.

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All information on this page is from a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation brochure of 1975.