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16. Minicomputers and Minicomputer Systems

Multi-application minicomputers built by Lockheed Electronics are being used in automatic banking systems, ships' anti-collision systems, Lockheed's own air traffic control and data management systems, electrical power monitoring, communications and process control, and various other systems. Lockheed-built, stand-alone, small minicomputer business systems are being used by insurance agencies, realty offices, credit unions, and other businesses.


17. MARK 86 Gunfire Control System

Under contract to the U.S. Naval Sea Systems Command, Lockheed Electronics has developed and is producing the Mark 86. the Navy's newest, most versatile shipboard fire control system. Operationally evaluated, it is being delivered in several versions for use on the newest generation of Navy ships. Designed to combat surface, shore, and air targets, Mark 86 combines a general purpose digital computer and multiple sensors - surface radar, air track radar, and remote zoom TV cameras - for fast and accurate target, range, and angle computations.

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All information on this page is from a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation brochure of 1975.