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14. SR-71 Strategic Reconnaissance Plane

The two-place SR-71 strategic reconnaissance aircraft, built principally of titanium, and derived from the YF-12A fighter, is designed for speeds above 2,000 miles per hour and altitudes above 80,000 feet. Assigned to the Strategic Air Command in 1966, the SR-71 carries advanced sensor systems with the capability of surveying 100,000 square miles per hour. In September 1974, an SR-71 set two new world speed records. The first record; New York to London in 1 hour. 55 minutes, 32 seconds. Average ground speed for inns 3470 statute mile course was 1817 miles per hour. The second record: London to Los Angeles in 3 hours, 47 minutes, 39 seconds. Average ground speed for the 5463 statute mile return flight was 1438 miles per hour.

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All information on this page is from a Lockheed Aircraft Corporation brochure of 1975.