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Aeritalia G-91Y

B-1 Strategic Bomb.

Caravelle (1960)
Caravelle (1973)
Dewoitine D.27 (1931)

THK3 Glider

Gloster Meteor

Tupolev 154B

Last Crusader

Vought A-7D

Lockheed Aircraft

Northrop YF-17

F-86 Sabre


We currently have about 5.000 aviation documents in our archives. Some of these documents are from 1920s, while some are from late 1970s. Aeroengineer's aim is to publish all of these historical documents on world wide web. Some of these documents might not be interesting for every aviation enthusiast. However, even a magazine advertisement of 1930s can be very interesting for some of the aviation fans. For this reason, we intend to publish everything we have, valuable or not valuable.

Some memorable pages from the first century of the powered flight is covered:

1. The Cover of "La Nature" Magazine from 1931 featuring Dewoitine D.27
2. Turkish Glider THK-3 (1945)
3. Gloster Meteor from Manufacturer's Brochure of 1949
4. Caravelle Illustration from 19 March 1960 Issue of Eagle Comic Magazine
5. Tupolev 154B from Aeroflot Brochure of 1970s
6. Caravelle 12 from Industrie Aérospatiale Française Brochure of 1973
7. The Last Crusader Fighter Report of 1974
8. A-7D from Vought Corporation Brochure of 1974
9. Northrop YF-17 Cobra Air Combat Fighter Flight Tests, 1974
10. Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in 1975
11. Aeritalia G91Y in 1975
12. B-1 Strategic Bomber from USAF Fact Sheet of 1976
13. North American F-86 Sabre