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Crusaders flew into combat in Southeast Asia almost at the outset of the conflict in 1964. Functioning as day fighters, attack aircraft, all-weather and photo reconnaissance airplanes, F-8's and the Navy and Marine pilots who flew them admirably made their presence known to the enemy.

During the early days of the action, when the enemy actively challenged U.S. aerial fighter expertise, F-8 Crusaders accounted for more than half of the MIG aircraft downed by Navy and Marine pilots. A total of 19 MIGs fell to the deadly Crusader. The enemy gave the F-8 a healthy respect, as evidenced by the last MIG kill credited to the airplane, if not its pilots.

Near Haiphong, NVN, on May 23, 1972, two F-8 pilots off the USS Hancock closed in on a MIG-17. Realizing the peril of his situation, the MIG pilot elected to do the only sensible thing under those conditions - he ejected and his aircraft crashed in flames without a shot being fired by the Crusaders. Unfortunately, since neither F-8 pilot had fired a shot neither was credited with an official kill.


1. North Vietnam Strike
2. Combat Veteran
3. Arming for Action


F-8 Crusader pilots credited with MIG kills during the Southeast Asia action were:

CDR Hal Marr LCDR M.H. (Red) Isaacks
MIG-17 12 Jun 66 MIG-17 21 Jul 67
LT E.J. Chancy LCDR R.L. Kirkwood
MIG-17 21 Jun 66 MIG-17 21 Jul 67
LTJG Phil Vampatella LCDR R.G. Hubbard
MIG-17 21 Jun 66 MIG-17 21 Jul 67
CDR Dick Bellinger LT Dick Wyman
MIG-21 9 Oct 66 MIG-17 14 Dec 67
CDR M.O. Wright CDR L.R. (Moose) Myers
MIG-17 1 May 67 MIG-21 26 Jun 68
CDR Paul Speer LCDR J.B. Nichols
MIG-17 19 May 67 MIG-17 9 Jul 68
LTJG J. Shea CDR Guy Cane
MIG-17 19 May 67 MIG-17 29 Jul 68
LCDR Bob Lee LT N. McCoy
MIG-17 19 May 67 MIG-21 1 Aug 68
LT Phil Wood LT A. Nargi
MIG-17 19 May 67 MIG-21 19 Sep 68

All information on this page is from special F-8 CRUSADER FIGHTER REPORT compiled by the Public Relations Department of LTV Aerospace Corporation in 1974.

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