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COAST-TO-COAST, CARRIER-TO-CARRIER - President Dwight D. Eisenhower was standing on the bridge of the USS Saratoga on June 6, 1957, when two F-8 Crusaders screamed past the carrier, broke and then dropped down to a perfect deck landing.

The two Crusaders, piloted by CAPT Robert Dose, USN, commander of VX-3, and LCDR Paul Miller, also from the West Coast squadron, had completed the first ocean-to-ocean flight between aircraft carriers in history. The flight began from the deck of the USS Bon Homme Richard off the coast of California and ended on the Saratoga off the Florida coast.

One inflight refueling from tankers based at Carswell AFB, Fort Worth, Tex., was effected.

Total elapsed time for the record-setting mission was three hours, 28 minutes.

A happy CDR R. W. "Duke" Windsor, USN, stands in the cockpit of his F8U-1 Crusader at China Lake, Calif., immediately following his record-setting flight that earned the Thompson Trophy for the most outstanding aviation accomplishment in 1956.

Flying a standard, production model F8U-l (F-8A) Crusader over a 15 kilometer course at China Lake on Aug. 21, 1956, Windsor set a new national and world speed record for other than experimental aircraft of 1.015.428 miles an hour. The previous record had been set by an F-100 with a speed of 822.135 miles an hour.

CDR Windsor received the Thompson Trophy during a special awards ceremony at the National Aircraft Show in Oklahoma City, Okla. in 1957.

All information on this page is from special F-8 CRUSADER FIGHTER REPORT compiled by the Public Relations Department of LTV Aerospace Corporation in 1974.



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