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The Sud-Aviation Caravelle is the pride of the French Aircraft industry, and more than 50 have already been purchased by eight airlines. Air France fly these graceful 80-passenger machines to London Airport from Paris, as well as on the company's numerous other routes in Europe and North Africa.

The first among the many British companies who have provided equipment is Rolls-Royce, who supply the Avon 522 jet engines. These engines have been placed towards the rear of the aircraft, a new practice which has proved successful, and also eliminates noise and vibration from the passengers' compartment. Cruising speed is 500 m.p.h., and altitude 20,000 to 40,000 ft., according to the air route flown.


(1) Weather and anti-collision nose radar. (2) Captain and co-pilot. (3) Radio racks. (4) Forward pantry. (5) Forward entrance door. (6) Forward part of passenger cabin, seating 80 at five abreast. (7) Control runs. (8) Forward-retracting nosewheels. (9) Forward under-floor freight-hold. (10) Emergency windows. (11) Main-wing spar attachments. (12) Pressure refuelling valves. (13) Wing fuel tanks, holding 4,100 gallons in all. (14) Port slotted flaps, down for take off. (15) Port main undercarriage, retracts inward. (16) Rear of passenger cabin. (17) Cloakroom and toilets. (18) Starboard air-brake. Dotted tine shows position when raised for landing. (19) Starboard aileron. (20) Starboard slotted flaps, down for take off. (21) Starboard Rolls-Royce Avon 522 jet engine. (22) Port Rolls-Royce Avon 522 jet engine. (23) Jet exhaust. (24) Hot air de-icing pipe. (25) Hold for hand-luggage, etc. (26) Intake for cabin air-conditioning. (27) Tailplane and fin de-icing pipes. (28) Air-conditioning heat exchanger. (29) Tunnel for stowage of rear passenger-stairway. (30) Elevator and rudder control cables. (31) Rudder power control. (32) Rudder. (33) Port elevator. (34) Position of passenger-stairway when lowered.

* The cutaway illustration of Caravelle passenger jet was published in 19 March 1960 issue of Eagle, famous British comic magazine. The illustration was drawn by Leslie Ashwell Wood. The aircraft illustrated was the first prototype of Caravelle, bearing "F-WHRA" registration. On the left bottom corner of the illustration, a short description about the aircraft and the legend for the illustration was given. This short description and the legend are presented above. For a high resolution version of the drawing, please click here.