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Aeritalia G-91Y

B-1 Strategic Bomb.

THK3 Glider

Gloster Meteor

Tupolev 154B

Last Crusader

Vought A-7D

Lockheed Aircraft

Northrop YF-17

F-86 Sabre





Rockwell International Corporation, B-1 Division, Los Angeles, California


General Electric Company, Aircraft Engine Group, Cincinnati, Ohio

Avionics Subsystem Interface:

The Boeing Aerospace Company, Seattle, Washington

Radio Frequency Surveillance/Electronic Countermeasures Subsystem:

Cutler-Rammer, Inc., AIL Division, Deer Park, New York

Program Management

Air Force Systems Command (AFSC) Aeronautical Systems Division, Wright- Patterson AFB, Ohio, is responsible for overall B-1 system development. Major General Abner B. Martin is the B-1 Program Director.

On-site management of B-1 contracts is provided by Air Force Plant Representatives under the direction of AFSC's Air Force Contract Management Division, Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.

For more information, contact Captain Fred Morgan, (513) 255-3283.

All information on this page is from the USAF Fact Sheet of May 1976 regarding B-1 Strategic Bomber aircraft. aeroengineer.net only provided the web design for this page.