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The A-7D is specifically designed for close air support and interdiction missions. It incorporates a continuous solution navigation and weapons delivery system for increased bombing accuracy.

The A-7D is powered by the Allison/Rolls Royce TF41-A-1 non-afterburning turbofan jet engine with a static thrust rating of 14,500 pounds. This engine was selected for optimum low-altitude performance, shorter takeoff distances, higher cruise ceilings and speeds, and increased range/loiter time.

The A-7D's six wing pylons and its two forward firing fuselage stations accommodate practically every weapon in the airborne ordnance arsenal. For aggressive defense, an M61 20mm cannon is carried internally, and the aircraft is armed with two Sidewinder missiles.


With 12 MK 82 bombs ..................... 562 kt
After dropping bombs ..................... 575 kt
Sustained maneuvering performance at 5,000 ft:
(6 pylons plus 2 Sidewinders) (28,765 lb)

5,800 ft turning radius at 4 g's and 500 kt


Weight Empty 19,781 lb
Internal Fuel Capacity (usable) 1,425 gal
External Fuel Capacity 1,200 gal
In-Flight Refueling Capability  
Ordnance Flexibility 8 Stations
Engine Rolls Royce/Allison TF41-A-1

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