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The continuously computed air-to-ground attack solutions of the NWDS give the pilot maximum versatility in weapons carried and modes of delivery. By relieving him of routine navigation duties, it allows the pilot to concentrate on mission objectives. This fully integrated NWDS has a 2-to-1 combat accuracy improvement over first-generation automatic toss delivery systems.

Five calendar years, four and one-half million man-hours, and $167 million dollars went into the contractor development and testing of this unique system. Then it was Air Force tested under stringent conditions. During its 5,600 flight test hours, Air Force pilots dropped more than 13,000 bombs and fired 248,000 rounds of 20 mm ammunition to establish accuracy and efficiency.

Accuracy results were: 8.3 mils total cep for bombs, 5 mils total cep for guns.*

What does the NWDS mean then to the United States Air Force? It means that each A-7D pilot has a higher target kill potential per sortie. It means a new dimension in tactical bombing accuracy!

* Mil values indicate accuracy in feet of error per 1,000 feet of slant-range between release point and impact point.

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